Preparation & Follow Up–the Two Keys to Referral Success 11/29/12

In this brief video, filmed at the 2012 BNI® International Directors’ Conference in early November, I talk with Terry Hamill, a respected business networking expert based in Europe.  Terry explains two important keys for maximum effectiveness and success in business referral generation–preparation and follow up.

Terry advises that the true gold is in the follow up and that the most successful networkers use the strongest follow-up methods; he also offers a few important tips for preparation prior to attending networking meetings and events.

Do you have a favorite follow-up method or a highly effective preparation tactic that you use prior to attending networking functions?  If so, we’d love to hear about it!  What works well for you could really help other people in their journey to networking success so, by all means, please feel free to share your favored methods and tactics in the comment forum below. Thanks!

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Shawn McCarthy November 29, 2012 Reply

Follow up is the lifeblood of networking! You’ve got to follow up! As for preparartion, the 5 Ps must be adhered to: “Prior Preparartion Prevents Poor Performance”. A teacher never wings a lesson plan, you shouldn’t try to wing it at networking events.
Shawn McCarthy

Zurriane Bennett December 4, 2012 Reply

I love the 5 P’s it is a great tool.

Kent January 8, 2013 Reply

Even some of the BNI members in Malaysia never do follow up. I am wondering what they have learnt from you.

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